Is Darkseid a Gay?

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I notice the gay brand of villain appears a lot in Japanese manga and games but not so much in Western comics. After reading some some Darkseid last week I was wondering if he was gay?
One- I have never seen Darkseid with a woman, Superman yeah he dresses gay but there's Lois, Spiderman there's Mary, Surfer there was Mantis, Batman...well he's the Batman and almost every woman wants him
but Darkseid I never saw a woman....EVER  
He wears a skirt but he's not Scottish
Also some of Darkseid's dialogue with Superman and Orion almost seems Spartan/Greek like if you know what I mean

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Can we like get this locked or something?

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So he has been with Batwoman etc?
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for Batman

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know Orion is his kid but I have never read about his mother, the only mother I've ever seen is the mother-box. If Darkseid isn't attracted to women I assume Darkseid made his kid in a lab or something
 @rowen545 said:

" for Batman "

  You should read the comic where Darkseid once tried to hit on Batman but Batman turned invisible and drop kicked him in the face
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Darkseid had three kids by three different women.  One was a woman he actually loved, resulting in Kalibak.  One was with an arranged marriage, resulting in Orion.  One was with a prostitute, resulting in Grayven.
Three strikes and you're no longer playing for the other team.

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Really, this is what your wasting server space for!!!!

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