Frank Welker as Darkseid

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Who else thought Frank Welker is the best voice of the character? i always thought so since i was a kid watching Galactic Guardians on ABC at 4 and whenever i read a DC story with him i hear his voice in my head.

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There is only one voice for Darkseid. Micheal Ironside:

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@Crom-Cruach said:

There is only one voice for Darkseid. Micheal Ironside:

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this. Tony and Frank werent bad though

#4 Posted by Jakesully1981 (362 posts) - - Show Bio

Michael is awesome too

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michael ironside or andre braugher

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michael ironSEID IS darkSIED.

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Ironside not only is he an awesome actor and the perfect darkside his last name is Ironside Which is both and awesome hero name and villein name

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Frank Welker actually did voice Darkseid before in the tv Show "Superfriends" heres a clip here

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Frank Welker is a brillient voice actor one of my favourites but Michael Ironside is the definitive Darkseid hands down.

I would love to see Frank Welker as Thanos though :)

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I liked Welker's voice (and he also happens to be my favorite voice actor in general) but I agree with others that Michael Ironside was the best voice for Darkseid.

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He make me laugh every time talks he reminds of dr. claw from inspector gadget.

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There is only one voice for Darkseid. Micheal Ironside:

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Welker's voice actin' was awesome if ya ask me (even though I've barely watched Super-friends or that Super Powers Team show) but I much prefer these:

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Yep. They're awesome. An' tbh, I could also imagine Darkseid with Fred Tatasciore's voice (no, not his Hulk voice, his Megatron voice, check this out for example):

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At 1:42 you can hear Fred Tatasciore. I dunno 'bout you, but I think he'd be a good Darkseid. Frank Welker's also in the beginnin' of the vid, just sayin'. BTW I'm writin' in header 2 cuz otherwise some cavemen out there might not see this.

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