Can Darkseid Fly?

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In Superman/Batman Apocalypse, I saw Darkseid actually fly. But in every comic I've read with him in it I've never really seen him fly (which is kind of a shame because he's a skyfather level being and he's never even shown that he could fly). So can anyone tell me if they've seen him actually fly in the comics?

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Darkseid cannot fly and I don't remember him flying in the movie... which part was it?

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He can levitate himself with his telekinetic abilities.

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You know what I love on Darkseid. The whole place gets leveled around him, and he just walks with his hands behind his back unbothered.
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@MrDirector786:  He was able to fly in return of the new gods but the thing was it did not suit him.
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@warlord1234 said:
" @MrDirector786:  He was able to fly in return of the new gods but the thing was it did not suit him. "
Agreed. That was pretty goofy.
Darkseid can levitate under his own power, and has done so on numerous occasions.

 Yes, it's from countdown, but ignore that. : )
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@AtPhantom: Wasn't most of the Countdown retconned? I think I heard something like that.
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@ComicMan24: Yes and no. It is officially still part of canon, but the writers are trying their best to just forget about it. For Final Crisis, Grant Morrison has stated that any New God appearing in Countdown and its tie-ins was actually an avatar (picture above included), while the actual Gods were busy waging war on each other in another dimension.  It's all rather a mess. Like everything else Countdown related.
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@AtPhantom: It definitely sounds like a mess. Thanks.

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