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Darkrai is legendary Pokémon that has the ability to give others nightmares which is why people don't want one in their vicinity. Many believe darkai are evil but in the tenth Pokémon movie a Drakrai was protecting his friends and home from Dialga and Palkia.


Darkrai has the ability to put more than one creature to sleep due to his signature move Dark Void, and beaucse of his ability to give people horrible nightmares make him a deadly Pokemon. Darkrai also can learn ice, electric, and psychic moves.

Game Info

Type: Dark

National Dex no.: #491

Classification: Pitch-Black

Ability: Bad Dreams (sleeping opponents lose 1/8 max HP per turn while on the field)

Base stats: 70 HP/90 Atk/90 Def/135 SpAtk/90 SpDef/125 Spd

Gender ratio: Genderless

Height: 4ft 11inches (1.5m)

Weight: 111.3lbs (50.5kg)

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