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Okay after reading War of Kings: Darkhawk 1 and 2. I am at a loss for words. Its cool what is happening in the books and if I knew nothing about Darkhawk I would probably enjoy it.

But Come On!!! Is Marvel totally retconning DarkHawk. Chris Powell's career as Darkhawk and the origins of the amulet were pretty well explained in Darkhawk's 90's series.

So as cool as everything is going on with DarkHwak right now I have to say WTH!!!!   Fraternity of Raptors??!!!!!!!!

I guess I should just disavow everything I know about Darkhawk.

What do you guys think. How do you feel the character of Darkhwak is evolving. 
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To be honest I didn't read alot of comics in the 90s, but I did know about Darkhawk. I think its pretty cool they are giving him a bit of a reboot. Although I hope what happens in Ascension isn't perminant, if you haven't read it I won't ruin it for you.

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I'm torn because Darkhawk is one of my favorite characters so I love that he is getting some of the limelight, but at the same type I am not crazy about the retconning, at least until we get some better explanation of what is going on. Sounds like they are about to over power DH, the fraternity of raptors seems like it was a bigger version of the GL corps or something.

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Well I don't know if they can be bigger then the GL corp.. considering so far you've only seen two members and Talon even mentions it is only he and Darkhawk. But something's telling me he isn't being totally honest with Chris as to what their role really is going to be. Again I really do recomend you pick up Ascension if you haven't already, even if you don't read anything about War of Kings, I think Ascension is going to end up being its own side story that vaguely ties into the rest.

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I've read Ascension. And I was only making the comment on the GL corps, because Chris said how he wanted to be like his friend Nova in the Nova Corps, and Talon commented that the Nova Corps were nothing compared to the Fraternity of Raptors.

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Ah okay. I miss read you. Although I think he didn't mean that the Fraternity was bigger then the Corp they where just better. Its like the Corp are the police and the Fraternity are the military, a smaller force but better trained and equipped. But that could just be me reading way to much into it.

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Nova`Prime` said:
"Ah okay. I miss read you. Although I think he didn't mean that the Fraternity was bigger then the Corp they where just better. Its like the Corp are the police and the Fraternity are the military, a smaller force but better trained and equipped. But that could just be me reading way to much into it."
yeah, right now we are just speculating. Will have to see where the story goes.
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I am torn on what darkhawk is becoming. The current storyline is basically a rip off of "Wanted". Fraternity of talons = Fraternity of Assassins. He thinks they are good at first and then they turn out to be the bad guys?  Im expecting to hear curve the bullet sometime soon or something. although I bet if I reread everything I can pull out a bizarrely close quote.

That aside, I do think Darkhawk belongs in space as a  cosmic character, like Nova. I think eventually this will become its own entity and not mirror "Wanted"

I hope they get some better designs for Talon armor reconfigurations tho, that whole bulk mechoid thing just feels too overkill. less is more, in my opinion they should think along the lines of what people would like to see if there was ever a movie. and a bulk mechoid with lazer guns on every joint is just too much.

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I wouldn't go so far to say it is mirroring wanted but I did pick up on the Fraternity thing. 

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I'm not real sure how I feel about the whole retconn. I feel like with just a little more effort they could have weaved his original origins in with the current storyline.

But, that said, I've read Darkhawk since it originally came out and I'm glad he's making a comeback. Hopefully he'll be bumped up from the list of 3rd string characters he has always been on.

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I just started reading the darkhawk series form the 90's because I am enjoying WoK.  All I can say is holy crap it is a really dark book for a 90's comic.  Where do I even start Drakhawk breaks up with his girlfriend to date the daughter of a mob boss who killed his father. Her brother than  trains darkhawks little brother to kill his entire family.  I thought it was a suprisingly good book.

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I've been a fan of DH since his first issue in '91, it's great that he's making a comeback like this.
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*Points to name* You can tell how I feel about it...Pretty much anything Darkhawk, I'm all for...because it means nobody's killed him yet, or done anything ELSE to him off-panel...
...Bensdis with his selling pieces of Darkhawk to sell as drugs...The only sour part of "Alias" for me...

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I don't much mind all the retcon stuff--as long as it allows Darkhawk to enter Marvel's modern continuity somehow, I'm fine with it. It does concern me a little bit as to how much ignoring about half his original series affects so many other things. 
...His father coming back at the end of the original series may have been him all mentally confuddled--sure--same goes for Evilhawk and later on Overhawk, and Osch the ship in Null Space and Bokk the intergalactic crimeboss, and many other little things... but how much of the 2nd half of the original series is voided? Incidently enough it was mostly tied to Darkhawk's connection to the cosmic portion of the Marvel Universe, yet it's ignored...
Maybe it'll get dealt with somehow later on... maybe it's just best all us Darkhawk fans let the past be the past and allow the current stories to just be what they are too: A chance for a great under-rated character to find a foothold in the MarvelU once again.

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hope he gets back with his own comic title.

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The thing about Darkhawk is he seems like a dead end as a character. He'll always be in Nova(Rick Rider's shadow). Nova fought in many wars and then Darkhawk wanted to go into space and do the same thing.

Nova cornered the market on what Darkhawk was supposed to become, the galactic Captain America. And then you throw in the Corps. I don't know what direction Darkhawk is supposed to go in but since Nova became Hal Jordan, maybe Darkhawk could become Jaime Reyes.

Idk who he should fight though. Nova already fought with Silver Surfer, Galactus, Ego the Living Planet,Technarchy, etc.

Also it would be nice to find out what happens to the amulet in his chest after Nova #36.

Some sort of merged android repair/healing factor in human form would be nice, imo

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