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Yes he's obscure but he has a solid following and the work done with him through the invasion, wart of kings, and the nova series leaves a lot to build on. Is there any way to find out if Darkhawk is going to be on the Marvel Now roster. Does anyone other than me believe the buckhead deserves a shot at his own book once again (remember he already has a 50 issue run under his belt plus appearences in several others)

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I agree. More stories involving the Raptors and just filling us in on where he's been the last few years. For someone strong enough to fight Nova and hang out with the other Cosmic characters, it's a shame that he hasn't shown up anywhere.

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Darkhawk is an awesome character and always one I enjoyed reading. I would like to see his return, actually I would like to see more about what he was doing while he was evading the galactic manhunt the Shiar put on him.

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