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This issue begins with Darkhawk stopping a group of teenage drug dealers who are dealing drugs on the property of Midtown Highschool.  Chris Powell's friend, Headset, watches Darkhawk in action.  Darkhawk is unsure whether he should keep them tied up and give them to the police or let them go.  In the end he decides to let them go.  Darkhawk changes back into Chris Powell and he goes home to wat some lunch and then do his homework.  His brothers, Jason and Jonathan Powell, sneak up on him, tackle him, and swipe the Darkhawk Amulet.  They want Chris to pay them five dollars for them to return it.  Chris get angry.  He lunges and retrieves the amulet at the cost of hitting his head on a table.  The boys apologize and leave for school.  While straightening up, Chris notices a wall panel has come loose.  He looks behind it and discovers a secret journal of his dad's.  He read the last entry.  The entry relays a chase that Chris's dad and his partner, Larry Ratliff, were attempting.  They were pursuing two armed suspects who had robbed an all-night gas station on the Lower East Side of New York City.  They are gaining when the men hit an old lady walking home after doing some early morning grocery shopping.  They stop to help.  Mike Powell, Chris's dad, wants to continue the chase but his partner want to stay and help the poor woman.  The entry abruptly ends.  Chris is hungering to know whether his father stayed and helped the little old lady or continued the chase.  His mom, Grace Powell, calls his up, saying he is late for school.  Chris hurriedly puts back the journal and the panel and heads upstairs.  Before leaving Chris and his mom have a talk about their situation with Bazin and his men.  Chirs leaves for school.  Grace watches her son leave and seems to have a way to resolve their situation.  The scene changes and we are in one of Phillipe Bazin's secret labs.  Bazin and Dr. marin are observing a woman who has the power to control the metal around her even the iron in a person's blood.  In fact, she kills two of the people in the room with her.  She starts to get out of control, so Bazin stops her with a control device that Dr. Marin has created.  We find out the the woman's name is Lodestone and that Bazin plans to use her to kill  Darkhawk and get revenge on the Powells.  The scene changes and we are in a private investigator's office.  The P.I. is Harry Lennox.  Grace Powell has hired him to locate and get dirt on Bazin.  After  Grace leaves Harry gives us an ominous warning.  The scene changes to the Midtown High Gym where there is a karate class going on.  A student named Bobby and Chris are sparring.  chirs has the upperhand until Cheryl Colon comes up and takes Chirs down.  Cheryl Colon is Chris's girlfriend.  We learn from Cheryl that Chris has been very distnat since he first turned into Darkhawk and the stuff with his dad went on.  She wants her questions answered.  Chris feels like the secret of Darkhawk is toon much of a burden for him to handle on his own.  So he tells Cheryl he will explain everything that night after dinner at his friend Jaysol's house.  Headset comes up to them and informs them that he is leaving apparently they coerced him into participating in a karate class and he wants to cash in.  Cheryl and Chris have to go to the Mozart Festival with him.  Cheryl leaves saying she "feels good" about Chris and her talking.  Chris wonders if she "feels good" then where is his kiss.  An hour later, darkhawk is patrolling the streets when he see teh drug gang he busted earlier a few blocks away from where he busted them.  He gets angry and goes over to teach them lesson.  But this time the gang is prepared.  They bring out the big guns.  Darkhawk's energy shield blocks all teh attacks including a bazooka.  Darkhawk is extremely angry now and he uproots a lamppost and begins hitting the gang members with it.  One of them try to run DH over but DH emits an energy blasts that destroys the truck.  DH gloats over the unconscious gang.  Until suddenly he see a person lying in an alley.  He goes to check on the person.  It is Headset and he has been hit by a stray bullet walking home and is unconscious and bleeding to death.  Darkhawk reverts back to Chris and he intends to use the amulet to save Headset's life at the cost of revealing his secret.  Unfortuneately it does not work because Headset cannot wish for the change.  Meanwhile Lodestone has been out searching for DH.  She spots him.  But when she reaches the scene all she finds is Chris; attempting to use to amulet to save Headset allows him to escape discovery...for now.  But Chris has another problem Lodestone has him suspended in the air with her powers and she is demanding he show the Darkhawk or she will kill him.  But since the amulet is still on Headset who is bleeding to death, it seems they will both perish at the hands of Lodestone.  Perhaps....

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