meteorite's Dark X-Men #3 - Journey To The Center Of The Goblin, Part Three review

Nate and his Subplots vs. Norman and his Avengers

Warning! Spoilers!
Maybe I'm just a stickler for action, but I really enjoyed this issue. Although the previous two issues in the volume were still good, they basically set up X-Man's return for the rest of the series. 
Anyway, if you haven't been following this series, Nate Grey has returned by absorbing the psychic energy of hundreds of telepaths, and has found out about what Norman Osborn has been doing whilst he was gone. And he's not happy. So he breaks into Avengers Tower to try and stop Norman. And even though he could potentially curbstomp Norman and all his friends, he doesn't, and his body explodes. But just before he does, he transfers his mind into Norman's body, which Mystique realises.
This issue is good, because while about 80% of it is action, they still manage to put in a decent amount of character dialogue and development. Even though he knows now that the Dark X-Men are.... Dark, Nate seems to think that he can change Mimic. At the end of the day, will Mimic turn against Osborn? Also, the fact that Nate remembered the history he had with Sentry is interesting, and I think that this will come in important later. However, I think the twist at the end is most interesting. Now that Nate has control over Norman, is he going to try and stop Dark Reign? I seriously think he'll try. Why this series isn't tying into Siege, I have no idea, because with Nate in Norman's body, that could definetly help in taking him down.
So overall, this issue is definetly worth picking up. The art is good, the story is setting up more subplots (though if they don't tie them up we'll all be left hanging and annoyed), and while the first two issues of Dark X-Men were a bit slow, this one makes up for it.
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Posted by jordama

lets find out nate causes seige

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