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Not Necessary

The Story:

Norman Osborn has created a group of Dark X-Men to monitor mutantkind. A crowd of civilians begins to chant "I am an X-Man" which shortly leads to the arrival of X-Man (Nathan Grey). From there it's an all out war between X-Man and Norman Osborn.

My Thoughts:

Writer Paul Cornell scripts this mini-series that ties into "Dark Reign." To sum it all up real quick, I would say this comic is average at best. It has a few decent moments but mostly feels like a filler story lacking anything of significance in the grand scheme of events taking place. Seeing X-Man in action was sort of exciting while it lasted but quickly lost its flare. Aside from his appearance, the only other character I care for is Mystique. I even found her role to be a little mundane. The rest of the characters on the team I could care less for. I've never been of fan of Dark Beast. Mimic I'm not real familiar with but seems like a crybaby. Michael Pointer seems like a character who wont be around for a while. At least the part with Norman Osborn was mildly entertaining. His dialogue and characterization was on point. 

The art is by Leonard Kirk who I do like. One thing I didn't like of his in this volume was the way he drew Norman Osborn. Something about his face I just didn't like. I felt the same way about Mystique at certain times. Other than that the art is pretty solid. The coloring was nice and vibrant, complimenting Kirk's pencils. 

I don't think I would recommend this at all. I would say skip over it and save your money. Buy something else more worthy of your hard earned money. This lacks anything significant in terms of continuity. You're not missing out at all. I'm giving this a very generous three stars. 

Rating: 3/5

Posted by g33ky monk3y

Totally agree. This project sounded like it would be good. Cornell is a good writer, some of the characters are pretty interesting. The final product was just lacking anything significant. The only thing this comic offers is Nate Grey being put back into continuity, but no one has done anything with the character yet. I was more put off by Mystique being involved so soon after she was supposedly killed in the Wolverine series during Get Mystique.

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