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Not too much is known about Dark Tower before he became a member of the Chess Set. The Chess Set consist of five super powered individuals named Brass Bishop, Dark Tower, King Coal, Killer Queen and Over-Knight. The Chess Set obtained the bodies of Silver and Auric after they were killed during a battle with the Sphinx  and kidnapped a government scientist named Hedison. The Chess Set invited numerous criminals to an abandoned airstrip so they can auction their three captives. The bodies of the three individuals contained a highly potent cocktail of energies when the Sphinx imploded and anyone who had contact with these individuals would receive vast power. The auction was interrupted by Alpha Flight and Spider Man. Nemesis damaged the nexus that contained their energies and a being of pure energy was reborn. This new life was given shape and thought and would unleash its anger on the Chess Set. Dark Tower and the rest of the Chess Set were defeated and his current whereabouts are unknown.  


Dark Tower was created by Simon Furman and Craig Brasfield in 1993 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 121.

Powers & Abilities

Dark Tower has the ability to expel a mist of darkforce from his hands.

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