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“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” With those words, millions of readers were introduced to Stephen King’s Roland—an implacable gunslinger in search of the enigmatic Dark Tower, powering his way through a dangerous land filled with ancient technology and deadly magic. Now, in a comic book personally overseen by King himself, Roland’s past is revealed! Sumptuously drawn by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove, adapted by long-time Stephen King expert Robin Furth (author of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: A Concordance) and scripted by New York Times Best-seller Peter David, this series delves deep into Roland’s origins—the perfect introduction to this incredibly realized world, while long-time fans will thrill to adventures merely hinted at in the novels. Be there for the very beginning of a modern classic of fantasy literature!

The story begins with a flashback to before Roland Deschain became a gunslinger. Roland and his friends, Cuthbert Allgood, Alain Johns, and others are in training under the command of Cort. Cort is a man whose word is law in the training.

After a hard day's training, Roland is stopped by Marten Broadcloak, the wizard and advisor to Roland's father, Steven. Marten tells Roland that his mother wishes to speak to him. As Steven is away, Roland discovers his mother, half dressed, in bed. It is obvious what had transpired and that Marten wanted Roland to witness this.

Roland makes his way to Cort's place and put forth the challenge to become a gunslinger. Knowing that his options are to either best Cort and become a gunslinger or face exile, Roland has no other option. Cort reminds him that Roland is still some years from being ready. Roland is determined.

Ready to face Cort in battle, Roland's weapon of choice is his hawk, David. Using David to attack Cort, Roland is given the opening he needs. David's eventual sacrifice allows Roland to defeat Cort.

With his victory, Roland has been granted the title of a gunslinger, two years earlier than his father had earned it. Roland is given the right to take on his father's first year guns.

Roland confronts Marten, who is surprised he's met his challenge. Roland, knowing that Marten wished him to fail, decides not to take on Marten just yet.

After spending the night fully becoming a man, Roland is woken up by his father, who has returned. He is not happy.

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The start of an epic 0

This issue starts off a little kooky. As if Peter David expects you to already have a working knowledge of the world Stephen King has crafted in his epic storyline. yet give it a couple of pages, and the story takes you into it. Rowland is an interesting lead, but like so many other mysterious characters begins to lose control of the book to his more interesting and open supporting characters.  the art is incredible, and I can barely see anyone other than Jae Lee giving this issue the proper ton...

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