With Siege coming up does this mean the end of all Dark Reign....

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titles and Avengers titles currently running ?? Surely this means the end of Dark Avengers for definite as Siege looks to be bringing about the end of Norman Osborn.Also i fear the end of Avengers the Initiatve (wasted Opportunity in my eyes) and more sadly New Avengers.Looks like almost defitely The Mighty Avengers will consist of the main Three Captain America,Thor and Iron Man (nothing to do with The Avengers film in the works of course !!!!) How do other people feel about this ? i find it kind of cynical ,some great ideas came out of bendis work with the Avengers ,some of the biggest changes in years which definitely refreshed it,it seems only to be undone a few years later due to films being made.I just feel a number of characers could disappear back into obsurity after this event.

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