What good came out of Dark Reign?

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What good as far as Mini Series, Series and Story arcs?
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Nothing.Dark Reign has been pretty lame so far.Mighty Avengers is good but the events in it really have nothing  to do with DR.

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I thought Magnum Opus was pretty good.

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Worlds Most Wanted in Invincible Iron Man has been the probably the best story arc during Dark Reign but the highlight of it all for me has been watching Norman Osborn slowly breaking down over the last few months....this guy went from kind of cool and calculated in Thunderbolts (minus that part where he went nuts and tried to kill the team) to barely holding it together...I can't wait to see him finally snap

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@danhimself: Yeah I thought Dark X-men 3 really came into its own, especially with Norman
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With Marvels recent track record probably nothing. Most of the memorable events over the last few crossovers have been retconned since. So even if Dark Reign is going somewhere and if their is a point i don't expect Marvel to stick to it.
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You know, you could listen to the disenfranchised people around here who obviously hate for hate's sake, don't actually read any of the books and just read OTHER people's hate and take their word as gospel, or...You could check-out some plot summaries, see if there's characters you like, and try to judge for yourself. I've found this is a really, really hard place to get a good take on comics, especially during an Event like "Dark Reign", as the HATEHATEHATE just flows like unreasonable water. 
Besides, "Dark Reign" isn't even over yet, and as you can see (look above), these guys are damning it relentlessly, and THEY probably don't even know why. But I bet it's Bendis and Quesada's fault!

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@RaptorFratBoy: Could not agree more.
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@Drafta: I don't know, I think the Punisher Dark Reign stories were very neat personally...but DR has to wrap up soon because as much as we love charismatic villains like Norman Osborn, he has to go down one way or another
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i liked alot of the books. especially the weird ones. i like alot of the stories. 
but those would be there one way or another.
the big picture doesnt really strike me though. seems like they spread that out too thin.
hopefully theyll get something tighter knit going with The List.

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@RedAce83: I love Dark Reign so far, buddy. ^^
I usually don't like The Punisher, but I've been picking up the DR stuff because I love his new, straight edge tech guy.  I forget his name. 
@CATMANEXE: Yeah, I don't get the sense of one big event.  It's either going to be a rushed ending, or a really intricate and cool ending.
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@RaptorFratBoy: Everything that is wrong with Marvel now is Bendass and Quesada's fault! Oh and Loeb too.
But World's Most wanted is definitely my favorite part of Dark Reign. I guess you can throw Reborn into the ring too, but since its not over yet and I am still having some doubts about it, I'll wait to give it my endorsement or not until its over.

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