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Hey guys when you get a chance please go to youtube and check out some of the Dark Reign video's I've created. You can leave comments, ratings. I'd love to hear any idea's or suggestions on some new projects so feel free to leave any insight. My youtube name is kayjayzdad and here is my last video posted   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl1yczWvsZI   which is a Dark Reign story based on Ms.Marvel and Moonstone. I've worked really hard on these so I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for your time.

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The Ms. Marvel ine is really good. I'm not reading the series, but I pretty much know what's going on. That may have convinced me to buy it.

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@Anderson: Agent of SMITH:  That the whole point of the video's. These stories are so good and if I can give people a glimpse of what they're missing in the form of a short video then I've accomplished my goal. Check t my youtube profile regularly for more videos, I just posted a World War Hulk video.

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