Dark Reign: The List - Avengers REVIEWED

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Norman Osborn is getting ticked off.  He's trying to enjoy all his power but there's some kinks getting in the way.   I'm not sure if he actually thought everyone would be on board with him.  We know that Clint Barton has been pretty angry over this whole situation.  He's usually one to stand up for what he believes in but it almost seems a bit extreme when it comes to Norman.  I don't recall Clint ever having an run in with the Green Goblin.  If Clint is determined to try to kill Norman, will anyone join him?
I'm not extremely crazy over the idea of these separate one-shots.  It almost seems as if this story could take place in the pages of New Avengers.  I suppose since we're going to see other "The List" titles, this makes some sort of sense.  As a Hawkeye/Clint Barton fan, I loved seeing him take the center stage.  As I mentioned, this does seem a bit extreme for Clint.  I guess he's been through a lot lately.  Since it's written by Brian Bendis, you know that it's not just a one shot trying to cash in on Dark Reign.  I also have to say that Marko Djurdjevic's pencils are pretty amazing.  He really captures the anger on Clint's face.  
There's some big things going on here.  You saw that Utopia is shown here.  This title is following the events of other books closely.  The things that happen here are clearly going to have an impact on New Avengers and Dark Avengers.
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An event within an event?  Hmm. 
I'll pick it up.

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@Drafta: This came out last week by the way.  Dark Reign: The List - Daredevil came out today.
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@G-Man: Yeah lol I'm behind.  I did think about getting it a few days ago.  It was between Kick-Ass and this.  Kick-Ass won.
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This issue was insane. Ronin whooping on Dark Avengers was very entertaining. That spoiler about Bucky was sort of disturbing, though. I think that was a spoiler, seeing how that was attributed to somebody else in the Marvel U before, so I assume that's changing in Reborn, though.

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Good review. The amount of ads in this book are just silly. It would of been better to have some sort of center fold out that shows what's going on in the time and what's coming. It just feels like a lot of pages that could of been used to make the story more full.

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Good review... 
I really enjoyed this issue and I actually got Daredevils today and enjoyed it just as much if not more... 
Even though there just one-shots I really like them so far and plan on getting them all... 
Tough to keep up though since they seem to be coming out every week (I do have other comics to get lol)

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I hate to correct you G-Man but a ronan isn't a ninja, he is a masterless samurai. One thing I liked about this issue was it revolved mainly around Clint, a much under appreciated character. I also liked the little bit with Bucky about killing Hitler. I also liked how he delt with the Dark Avengers, especially Venom.

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Did I miss something with Utopia? I'm pretty sure at the end of Exodus, Utopia was a paradise. When did it become a prison? Or did Marvel totally spoil their own plot?

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I must admit I really liked this issue. I feel like New Avengers has become such a massive talk-fest every issue, but here, finally, Bendis is taking a step forward and we're seeing the Avengers confronted with a real, credible threat and Norman actually doing something to prove all the fuss around him. I was just sad it had to end and went into all those previews which we've all already seen online! Dang it! Probably this will be continued in the Avengers annual in December when Ms. Marvel, Jessica Jones and Mockingbird will go rescue Clint.

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I thought the original human torch killed hitler in the marvel universe, whats the deal with bucky saying that.

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I actually saw a preview on ign.com and seen a image of clint shooting in the shadow right behind bullseye...maybe killing him. (if so, assassin style with an atoumatic yeah)hope clint makes it out alive...picking this up this week for sure.
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I'm new to Clint Barton, but I kinda hope that Spidey is the one to get Norman off his high top

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You make some good point G-Man. 1 would be okay but 2 previews in a one-shot is waste.  
I like how this one-shot acknowledges other events/situations in the Marvel U (Utopia & Luke Cage) but when will we see what happens here affect the New & Dark Avengers?
Clint and Moonstone use to be lovers? Oh Clint..

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I love Dark Reign...this issue rocked!
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I love this issue!  I especially like the bickering between Clint and Spidey . For me, It really highlights the true nature of the New Avengers - this is a team made up of the A-List of the Marvel Universe - and here their egos and beliefs clash! Despite Clint Barton supposedly being the designated "leader"  - it doesn't seem like he has much authority over the team.

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@TheHood said:

Did I miss something with Utopia? I'm pretty sure at the end of Exodus, Utopia was a paradise. When did it become a prison? Or did Marvel totally spoil their own plot?

I think that was just Normen's media spin.
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I have never been a fan of Clint Barton really.  But he's really starting to grow on me over the past year.  Especially the NA issue where he "outted" Norman Osborn.  Since that moment, I have waiting for Ronin to lose it and go after Norman.  Of course, that also entails the repercussions.   I thought the issue was rockin'.  Yeah, I agree, it was a bumout when half the issue is previews of stuff we've already seen(well, except for the X-Men List art).  But, what do we really expect nowdays, y'know?
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I liked the issue overall...clint was good I like someone actually having the balls to just say "hey I'm killing Norman Osborn, be back for dinner".Cut off the head of the snake etc...Gargan is such a freaking joke, but I didn't like the characterization of Daken it just didn't seem right I think his mouth was even foaming but Clint was right Daken isn't like his father which is what bothered me when he was portrayed like that.Loved Moonstone and everything else though.

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LOL! Bucky's line at the end was great!

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Good call i agree with what you gave it.  A did like the preview stuff but i have this awesome thing called the internet.  Also really like the background music.

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Daken doesn't get into Logan-like rages with foam?  
Also, I just noticed, whenever someone fights the Dark Avengers, Gargan ALWAYS gets beat first, ALWAYS. Seriously, American Son in Spider-man, the first few issues of Dark Avengers, even in Utopia I think Colussus beat him first before anyone beat anyone else... apparently theres a paper posted on a Marvel office wall that says "GARGAN = LOSER" XD
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Im gonna have to catch up with the rest of this stories but of course im gonna buy this.
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Barton does want to kill him, but he is stupid because that is how Bendis writes superheroes, as idiots. This just another boring stupid avengers bensis story, sorry if you feel otherwise, but that is how I do, I hate Bensi stories, he is no were as near as good as he was when he first started New Avengers.

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