Dark Reign - Moderately Pointless?

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If I recall correctly, Norman wanted to be the hero during this, right? Well... if I also recall correctly, in one of the earlier issues of the Thunderbolts (Deadpool's appearences) - Norman said he had the cure for cancer. So... what I'm contemplating is - was Dark Reign just a pointless storyline for the mula or did it actually have a proper meaning to it? Because... Norman could've just released that cure for cancer and bam!, instant hero. 
     - - Well, tell me what ya'll think?

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Yeah.. he could but where's the fun in that! lol the trick is to be a hero and make money BAM! :P
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Osborn promised all sorts of different things to different people; cure for cancer, control over their powers, money... anything to get people to do what he wanted.   
Dark Reign was a long winded way to heal the rifts caused by Civil War.  The world had to see how much worse things had become by enforcing restrictions upon their super heroes.  

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Norman Osborn did think he was a hero. He still thinks that he is a hero.

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terran's right (:

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It wasn't moderately pointless..it was completely pointless....


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