Dark Reign jumped the shark with the Dark X-Men

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I'm not typically a fan of Marvel 'big events'. However, I began picking up Dark Avengers since it started, and really enjoyed the fractured chemistry of the Dark Avengers. I liked all the spin-offs, especially Dark Wolverine. I liked seeing the in-fighting and Norman struggling to keep control of a bunch of people who, by rights, shouldn't work together..
However, with the last two issues, the series has gone steadily to shit. I picked up Dark Avengers 8 and was HEAVILY disappointed. The Dark X-Men storyline is murky and requires too much reading of the other issues, in my opinion. The purity of the premise has been polluted, and I have now lost any interest in what's going on. I guess they needed to throw the X-Men in there somewhere (this is Marvel after all) but this new team was so hastily put together and presented to the reader in the last few weeks that I'm struggling to see the point in it.
Anyone else got a problem with the introduction of the Dark X-Men or Dark Reign's direction in general? I hope Dark Reign ends well because I don't think I can keep throwing money away on this..

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I haven't had any problem with it at all and the only other book that you need to read is Uncanny X-men
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I am really disappointed with the Utopia story arc, and can't wait for it to end.

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It's bloody awful.  Utopia is an island mansion off the San Francisco shoreline because Americans don't want mutants living among them?  How is this any different from hiding the public?  Or signalling to the rest of the world that they're all in one spot and ready to be attacked at home & caught off-guard in the middle of the night... yet again.  What was the point in Graymalkin Industries?  Why make this big deal about their fantastic new home in San Francisco if they were only going to move down the road a few months later?? 

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I love how Dark X-Men was the first time we're seeing Cloak and Dagger in ages, and yet, they've had a total of 3 lines between them
Tandy: "Tyrone this is wrong"
Tyrone" "yeah Tandy very wrong"
Tandy: "yup it sure is."

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I'm hoping the focus goes back to Norman and his struggle with the Green Goblin. I was really intrigued by that, pre-Utopia. Seemed like a great way to show that he's not as in control as he seemed to be in the early Dark Avenger issues,  though now, he seems like an ungodly tactical genius with no mention of his struggles with the Goblin.

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Like some things, its a nice idea, ive always wanted to see the villains win at something, but its just so boring because its obvious that the good guys are going to win in the end.

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maybe Karla upped his prescription.

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I must admit, i am enjoying Utopia but it isnt quite as good as i expected it to be.

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Anyone still reading it?
Seems Nate is back next month

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