sora_thekey's Dark Reign: The List - Amazing Spider-Man #1 - #8 Kill Spider-Man review

My first Video Review!

Hope you guys like it!

Posted by NormanOsborn

You got me going and  buying that issue 

Posted by Agent Buttons
Awesome review Sora_
Posted by drdanny10293

Hey it's pretty good man

Posted by Decept-O

Nice job, it takes A LOT to put yourself out there for others to see.   
Regarding the review, just one minor, minor thing...don't be so hard on yourself with all the references to your mistakes.  
You did well, and when you notice any mistakes, just edit them and move on.   
Good job.
Posted by The Devil Tiger

Hey for a first, this is a very good one ! And Decept-o s'right : You don't have to be so hard on yourself. You were great !!!  
Beside of that, you made me want to buy this issue !  
Thumps up !! :D
Posted by MichaeltheFly

Great review and please continue the video reviews there very good.

Posted by drawme

Good review. Loved this issue too.

Posted by SilverZeo

Pretty god so far

Posted by EvLJEsT

man i i need to find this issue i wanna see this hint "damn you' sora in making me have to travel in the rain but i bet this issue is worth it 
greath review "best part the gun sound effect for Osborne"

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