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A Look Into The Hood

The Story:  
A woman by the name of Elizabeth Bondi has been tailing the Hood gathering intel on him and his organization. She wants revenge on the Hood after he killed her husband. She has technology that can see the Hood even when he's invisible. She attacks him but is defeated. The Hood is also dealing with other issues like his family and Dormammu who is trying to manipulate Hood. The Hood must fight all this as well as the uncertainty amongst his crime syndicate and prove he's a worthy leader.  

My Thoughts:  
Writer Jeff Parker gives us a more in-depth look into the Hood's world of crime. If you've kept up with Dark Reign, you know the Hood is part of Norman Osborn's Cabal. But aside from that he is the ring leader of a huge crime syndicate. Now his past is catching up with him as we see a lady looking for revenge for the death of her husband. To make matters worse for the Hood, he has to go home to an upset wife who is irate about him not being around in her and their kids life. What makes the Hood such an interesting character and villain is that while he is a killer and does horrible things, he does everything for his family. While his actions aren't right, they make for interesting stories and you can't help but feel for him at times. He certainly isn't a weak character and doesn't take betrayal lightly. When the Controller plots to overthrow him, The Hood makes an example out of him showing everyone he is not to be challenged by anyone.  

The art is done by Kyle Hotz who was also the artist on The Hood: Blood From Stones. His pencils were nicely done and captured the dark, gritty tone in Parker's writing. The coloring was superb thanks to Frank Martin and Mark Djurdjevic's covers were amazing. 

This was a nice tie-in to the Dark Reign story arc that gives readers a well written story about an underrated character who has potential to be so much. In my opinion the Hood could be one of the premiere villains in the Marvel Universe. He is certainly a formidable foe and I would like to see him in bigger events in the future. If you're not to familiar with the Hood this is a good volume to get a little more information on him. 

Rating: 4/5
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