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it's fun

this series is my guilty pleasure. its got venom, its funny, its a little wrong, and its got great art. its more humorous than i was expecting, but thats ok because it works well in the story. 
i LOVE the art. i have a feeling not everyone who reads this will love the art but i think its awesome. its different from what you see in most marvel books and its just good. its a mix of toony, indy, and artsy style and i think it works great. there is some panels, though, that are a little hard to follow. 
the story isn't amazing, but like i said, its a fun read. if your looking for a serious venom story with awesome fights and some real insight into what venoms world is really about, this book is not what your looking for. its more of a funny story about venom being an idiot and a jerk to everyone he knows. although there are some cool fights. 
is it worth picking up? id say so. its not really a story thats gunna change anything in dark reign or make a big difference in the marvel universe, but its a fun read and has really cool art. even if you dont love venom or spider-man i think this is still worth checking out.


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