box_turtle's Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man #1 - Women Love Him, Men Want To Be Him review

Humorous with an Exciting New Cast

      With the success of Dark Reign, practically all the A and some of the B list heroes are getting there own series or mini-series.  Surprisingly, this one is actually acceptable.  
     In case you don't know the details, I'll give you the simple background.  Mac Gargan/Scorpion has become Venom, and thanks to Norman Osborn becoming the leader of the super-hero community, Venom is now an Avenger.  Obviously, people take a dim view to having a cannibalistic, psycopathin, greedy, alien like Venom on the team.  The solution: Mac Gargan masquerades as Spiderman.
     This all seems simple, right.  Venom and Spidey have very similar powers afterall.  Sadly, Venom doesn't quite do the whole "Secret Identity" and "Act Heroic" thing right.  Sure he stops a bank robber, but then he bites the guy's arm off.  And takes the money.  And spends it on a hooker.  And is sloppy about hiding who he is and what he is like to her.  Since dead men tell no tales, well then...
     All right, I do have a complaint.  The angle for the artwork is really confusing, blinding, and sloppy.  The art isn't the problem as much as its position.
     The humor isn't all it could be, but its not half bad.  The plot is compelling, especially for a story without much in the way of a hero.  The best of all, though, is in the enemy for Mac (I can't really say villain, since, well, you know).  The Redeemer.  I don't want to give to much a way, but he is cool and I plan on buying the next issue to see what him and his team have planned out (I read this ish at Borders for free).  I congratulate the author on expanding the cast of Marvel.
     This isn't great, but its fun enough and far better than I expected.  Read Avengers, Iron Man, and Black Panther first, but this is definately a book to look into.     


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