darkwolverineusmc's Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man #1 - Women Love Him, Men Want To Be Him review

Sinister... indeed.

   With the Dark Reign came changes to Marvel's most notorious villians, especially Venom. In this four part limited series, venom finds himself in the position of Spider-man, and is really milking it for all he can.  
   Starting off with D-list villian, General Wolfram robbing a bank, Venom rolls in just in the nick of time to stop him. After bruising up the bad guy, and making out with some hotties, he wisks the money and bad guy away, only to chomp off Wolframs arm. Using the stolen cash to enjoy himself at a stripclub, he takes the younge lady back to Avengers Tower for a little R and R. After reflecting on how he claims the new mayor J. Jonah Jameson ruined his life, he decides to get even by putting the dead stripper in his bed, while on the other side of town, a group of amputated villians,( courtisy of Venom), meet in secrecy. 
   This comic was a good read. More humorous than serious in nature, featuring a day in the life of Mac Gargan. Brian Reed really worked up a funny story, and the quirky art work by Chris Bachalo really complements the humor of the story. This book gets a four in my book. A nice helping of comedy I'd exspect to find in a Deadpool comic. So as always, enjoy, and nice readings.

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