shieldagent026's Dark Reign: New Nation #1 - Declaration / The Heist / Crossing the Line / Breakfast in America / Suspicion review

More of the same

Rehash comes to mind while i was reading this. Don't get me wrong some of the Shorts were pretty good and sold me on a couple of the new titles that are coming out during the Dark Reign, but that is exactly what this issue was a selling tool. Every once in a while it is good to read previews of new and up coming titles but not when in the previous week we had (if you picked up Secret Invasion: Dark Reign# 1) already seen glimpses of some of the stories that were revisited here with just more added to them. while some of them were enjoyable stories( Nick Fury/ Secret Warriors short, War Machine Short) in my own point of view i felt that a couple of the shorts were being crammed down my throat. 
    i would suggest that if you missed last weeks Dark Reign #1 pick up this title to get your fill in. but however if you did get Dark Reign #1  you can sit this one out.


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