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Dark Reign strikes Marvel’s first family—in an explosive way! Prepared to be blown away as: HAMMER agents attack the Baxter Building. Reed changes everything. The Human Torch suffers a horrible loss and Franklin and Val go shopping. There's Time travel, Alternate realities, Celestials, Eternals, Deviants and Doombots... and more important than all of that, we find out the answer to the question: What is the Bridge?

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Dark Reign...Or Is It A Dark Stain? 0


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SPOILERS! Norman brings his HAMMER down upon The Fantastic Four. 0

Reed has been cooped up in his lab, as usual, building a massive interdimensional gateway he calls "The Bridge." He wants to review and examine all of his past failures and see how things could have gone in other realities. Susan and the others aren't too happy about Reed getting side-tracked from building Franklin's "Hover-Horse" but that is the least of their worries. Several HAMMER agents have just been given word that Norman Osborn has pulled The Fantastic Four out of The Initative and strip...

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Usually Fantastic? 0

No Not Really....... The Only Reason I Picked Up The Comic Was Since It's Part Of The Dark Reign Series..... Fantastic Four Hasn't Really Bin My Cup Of Tea These Days... It's Become Very Predictable These Days.... But This Comic Wasn't BAD It Was Actually Ok..... I Say Pick It Up For The Artwork..... The Storyline Was Ok Didn't Keep Me On My Toes But It Was Good..... ...

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