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Deadpool Vs. Thunderbolts

The Story: 
Deadpool's plan is simple: he's going to storm into the Avengers Tower after Norman Osborn who he blames for ruining his job he had with Nick Fury. Deadpool didn't get paid and now he's coming for more than just money. 

My Thoughts: 
This volume collects two issues of Deadpool and two issues of Thunderbolts. Daniel Way is the writer for Deadpool and Andy Diggle the writer for the Thunderbolts. I like the idea which is simple enough as it is. Deadpool storming into Avengers Tower with guns blazing looking for revenge on Osborn for what happened during the invasion. What I found interesting was how they teamed up Deadpool and Taskmaster(who dressed as Deadpool). I didn't see that one coming at all. Not the funniest Deadpool comic I've read but there were some funny parts as he tries to hook up with Yelena Belova.

I'm still not sure what to make of this new team of Thunderbolts seeing as Deadpool quickly eliminated the whole team. I have never liked Paladin, this new Ant-Man is a coward and Ghost didn't want to enter the fight. The only two members who show any potential is Headsman and Yelena Belova. I'm going to trust that Diggle has an ace up his sleeve and knows what he's doing with this group of characters.

We have two different art styles switching back and forth with Paco Medina drawing Deadpool issues and Bong Dazo drawing the Thunderbolts issues. The art for the Deadpool issues I preferred over the other art. Both styles are nice but I'm not the biggest fan of switching art styles throughout a comic. I would prefer one artist drawing everything. 

This comic should be read if you're looking for a fun action-packed read or are a fan of either Deadpool or the Thunderbolts. There's no award-winning dialogue, just a few decent funny lines from Deadpool.

Rating: 3/5
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