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About 900 years ago when old magic was beginning to fade from Earth, a being known as the Dark One attempted to conquer both Earth and the Faerie lands, as he felt the Faerie people had grown soft and domesticated after mingling with humans. The Dark One was eventually slain after the war lasted 100 years on the fields of Salisbury in England, although many people also died that day, including The Faerie King of the House of Dannan. However, The Dark One's spirit was not completely destroyed as it lay dormant in a great thorn bush with black roses. The petals of this thorn bush would take flight on the wind and spread wickedness wherever they fell. Each act of evil brought new strength to the Dark One's spirit until one day the spirit grew strong enough to take the form of a man. However, this form could not have lasted for more than twenty four hours, so the Dark One brutally attacked and raped the faerie princess known as Gwynnion, causing her carefree personality to fade away. She soon gave birth to the reincarnation of the Dark One, but went somewhat insane and abandoned the child at birth. Because there was not enough magic on earth to sustain the Dark One and he would be found in an instant in the Faerie lands, he instead chose to hid in the Shadow Realms to hide in safety while growing in power and planning his vengeance. Upon learning of the Dark One's where-abouts Gwynnion's cousin, Kildare, gathers her friends in order to stop the Dark One after he had sent demons to kill the royal members of the Dannan House. They prove to be successful by the end of the story when Kildare binds the Dark One's soul to an item she now permanently keeps in her home.

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