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The Brits and the Yanks battle it out for top billing in DHP #99! The Red Coats fire the first two shots in the form of award-winning author Jamie Delano (Hellblazer, Animal Man) and the enigmatic Shane Oakley! They offer up a macabre tale of a father so disaffected with his own life that he's willing to watch his son suffer a fate worse still, in "The Crack." America counters with the short-short, "My Mentor," in which the master of autobiografix, Harvey Pekar, traces the origins of his long-time connection with jazz, aided by the genius that is Joe Sacco. Then it's back to Britain for the final segment of the "Kabuki Kid," by Gordon Rennie and Roger Langridge. No genre's safe from the wicked wit of the wildest Wu-Shu warrior in this all-out assault on Hollywood! And wrapping up the battle comes a Dark Horse from Down Under, the inimitable Eddie Campbell, who wraps up "The Picture of Doreen Grey" with Joe Theseus contemplating godhood, the Kid pondering motherhood, and a major player getting a bullet in the face. So who takes top billing? That's for you to decide!

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