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This isn't a comic-book! It's a dinner invitation and we're serving up monkey brains! Your servers for the evening will be the Kabuki Kid and Lu-Win, compliments of the outrageous team of Roger Langridge and Gordon Rennie! They've cooked up "A Pot Full of Noodles," a hilariously politically incorrect samurai/cowboy spoof that'll leave you hungry for more! But clear your plate for the debut of "Here and Now," the tale of a private eye forced to relive his own troubled childhood while babysitting an abandoned boy and spying on a cheating wife. Ed Brubaker wrote it, and Stefano Gaudiano drew it and provided us with our painted cover. And finally, the event of the evening! Joe Theseus and The Eyeball Kid get all dolled up for Joe's out-of-body marriage to Big Ginny, Queen of the Amazons, in Eddie Campbell's "A Picture of Doreen Grey." No doubt about it; you're not leaving with an empty stomach!


  • Here and Now - Part 1
  • Kabuki Kid: A Pot Full of Noodles - Part 1
  • The Picture of Doreen Grey - Part 3







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