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Dark Horse Presents is proud to debut "The Painted Horse," a tale of freedom and sacrifice set in ancient Japan. The retired Emperor Uda faces a terrifying demon to save his people. "The Painted Horse" features beautiful art by Mike Dringenberg, co-creator of DC's Sandman and Death, and a script by fantasy author Kij Johnson.

Also in this issue, Étienne Gagnon and Alex Racine bring us part 1 of the hilarious "Star Riders." With his ship, the Cachalot, at stake, space jockey Leroy enters the Mikorian Rally, the only galactic event with more casualties than participants. His only crewmember is Tabada, an alien princess whose enthusiasm overpowers her common sense.

Kilian Plunkett stunned readers with his art in Aliens: "Backsplash" and Aliens: Labyrinth. Now he's back, with Peter Janes' "The Eighth Wonder," a story of the construction of the Trans-Atlantic Bridge. It's definitely one for the (alternate) history books!


  • The Painted Horse
  • The Eighth Wonder - Part 1
  • Star Riders - Part 1







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