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Hermes and the Eyeball Kid take to the air in a climactic battle above the streets while Joe Theseus and Rosario beat the snot out of each other in the midst of the Patterns of Fate.

The buoy has been found, but the reward money goes to the person who turns it over -- not the person who finds it. In part 2 of "Buoy 77," one treachery leads to another over the promised reward -- an unbelievable fortune to the citizens of Viçosa, Brazil. The essence of realistic superheroes has been distilled and Stephen Itner demonstrates its potency in his hilarious story "The Legion of Justice." With great pleasure, we present Rick Geary's "Just Folks," a revealing description of many strange and unusual people we're all too embarrassed to admit knowing, and "Close Calls," a testimonial of fateful proportions.


  • Hermes vs. The Eyeball Kid - Part 7, "Lo, There SHall Come a Smack in the Chops."
  • Close Calls
  • Buoy 77 - Part 2
  • Just Folks
  • The Legion of Justice







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