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Leopoldo Duranona's Race of Scorpions takes center stage this issue as our heroes, Dito, Alma and the Stranger escape the perils of the Forbidden City, only to find even greater danger when they take to the polluted, pirate-infested reaches of "The Viscous Sea"! Also, one world ends as a new one begins as fantasy artist Gary Davis presents "The Twilight of Langdarro", a tale filled with giants and trolls and other mythic creatures! Plus--fans of gritty, "real life" horror won't want to miss John Arcudi's Homocide series as it continues. This issue, Detective Will Ford learns something about the sybiotic relationships between a cop and his informants, and ends up laying his life on the line! Science fiction, fantasy and action all in one comic!


Race of Scorpions - Part 3 - Alma's half-brother entreaties the Emporer of The City of Steel to invade Alma's community of Belea to take advantage of the newly discovered subterranean lake there. To further ingratiate himself to the emporer he harbors intentions to offer Alma to him as a prospective wife. Alma is able to escape her half-brother's residence and upon discovering Dito and the Stranger's absence from the City, secures passage from the City as a cook on board the Imperial Train. Dito and the Stranger have taken positions on a merchant vessel that comes under attack by pirates while traversing the Viscous Sea.

Twilight of Langdarro - Aelyssa sets forth from the enchanted land of Langdarro on a journey to discover the source of the 'strange unease' that has taken root within the hearts and minds of Langdarro's residents.

Homicide: "Give and Take"







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