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Writer Mark Verheiden and artist Mark A. Nelson present an all-new "side bar" story to Dark Horse's ongoing Aliens miniseries as they take us inside the mind of an Alien Queen! Plus-Just in time for Halloween, Kull writer John Arcudi and The American artist Grant Miehm team up on a tale of murder and...cannibalism in the wilds of New York. And Leopoldo Duranona continues his exciting five-part science fiction epic Race of Scorpions.


Aliens - Excerps from the confidential paper "Theory of Alien Propogation" by Dr. Wadislaw Orona, civilian advisor to the Colonial Marine Corps.

Race of Scorpions - Part 2 - Young boy, Dito's Uncle and Aunt have been killed by a corrupt Town Commissioner from the small community of Belea in a vast desert. With nothing left to keep him in the town, Dito travels with a passing stranger to the City of Steel. On their way they pick up local girl, Alma, who is also travelling to the City of Steel to see her half-brother.

Homicide: "A Whiff of Madness" A woman's torso is fished out of the Hudson River, another victim in a series of killings in the area in the recent past and the first high profile victim in the case. The Chief of Police assigns reluctant veteran Detective Ford to the case with a new partner, young Detective Guzman. Ford reviews the case files and together, they set out to find some answers to the unusual killings.

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