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This issue features the exciting conclusion to Mark Badger's Masque; an installment of Trekker, Ron Randall's spacefaring female bounty hunter; and Delia and Celia, a "lost world" fantasy story by Gary Davis about two young women who may or may not have just saved the world. Three great stories for the price of one!


Masque: "Episode: Last" Mark Badger appear on panel to apologize for the patchy nature of his writing so far before wrapping up the tale of The Masque.

Trekker: "Vincent's Share, Part 2." Mercy St. Clair and Vincent trail the Pisces Gang back to a hideout on the outpost of Gamma-7. There the Pisces Gang have developed a technique to enable known criminals to travel safely through secure spaceports without detection by the authorities - they're transferring their minds in to android bodies for the trip and shipping themselves via freight containers and reversing the process at the destination. Mercy and Vincent take up position to capture the gang and collect their bounties, though they haven't fully factored in the advantages afforded by an android body - a mistake which may lead to their end.

Celia & Delia: "Under Tiltannon." Celia & Delia, inhabitants of an alien planet, have fled through their lives. They travel through the wilderness in the hopes of avoiding pursuit from assassins. On their travels they encounter relics of an ancient, forgotten civilization. They encounter with a hooded stranger who tells them the story of the subterranean decline of that ancient civilization. The prospect of valuable artefacts is reason enough for Celia & Delia to delve into the cavernous ruins. A clash with a cave-dwelling creature leaves them lost and unable to back-track to their point of origin.







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