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Meat, Mermaid, Cowardice and other stories

Needless to point out this is the best collection of stories being published nowadays, right?So,if you're not reading this, you're missing a fun time indeed!

The Victories - Babalon Working - Chapter 1 - Michael Avon Oeming (W/A), Nick Filardi (C), Aaron Walker (L) - Tired of super heroes?It's just you haven't seen this bunch yet! It's not just because the Victories are facing strange and bizarre menaces (this Grant Morrison did very well in the past), but mostly because Oeming understands what the new generation of comic readers need and want, delivering an incredible story about a team of heroes, that work parallel with agencies in the USA, trying to prevent a cataclysm of enormous magnitude! Oeming nailed the dialogues,the art and,though he actually didn't present the characters yet, introduced a very curious and interesting team, so if you like new stuff, this is definitely to you! The best thing about this first chapter was the villain, Jackal, a lunatic who's trying to do something with the moon (his past story is crazy, bizarre and fun, really shocking stuff) 4 out 5 stars

Alabaster - Boxcar Tales - Chapter 3 - Caitlin Kierman (W), Steve Lieber(A/L), Rachelle Rosenberg (C) - Flamarion is again in a city that's been overrun by a malicious figure, whose identity is fully revealed here, there were some interesting dialogues, but still I cannot grasp the flavour or why this should be good. A white girl who has no power whatsoever against forces of evil isn't exactly an easy idea to chew in and, despite the nice art, this story continues to disapoint me. 1.5 out 5 stars

Journeymen - Brain like a bomb - Chapter 1 - Geoffrey Thorne (W), Todd Harris (A/L) - This new story comes with a mystery tone, showing a bunch of monsters - probably engineered - raiding a building that holds a scientific operation of some sorts. The good thing about this short story is (aside of the good decent art) the fact that the main character is a lady, a pretty one, that initially seemed like a "damsel in distress" but then showed her true colors, not a warrior, but brave and intelligent enough to hold her own. 3 out 5 stars

Gamma - Chapter 3 - Ulisses Farinas (W/A/L) and Erick Freitas (W) - This Pokemon tale comes to an end, not with the same quality it presented in the other issues, but at least with the conclusion that Dusty, even being a coward, deserved a better life and may have a second chance. Very good art by Farinas. 2 out 5 stars

The White Suits - Chapter 3 - Frank J. Barbieri (W/L) and Toby Cypress (A) - A cop thriller must have a solid story, interesting characters, the proper motivation and this short story have it all. The main character, a female law enforcer of the F.B.I. is picking on the threads that may lead to her father and while she's busting an ilegal operation, flashbacks from her past with her mom color and explain the reason she's after the White Suits after all. A vey interesting story with nice art. 4 out 5

Station to Station - Chapter 2 - Corinna Bechko (w) and Gabriel Hardman (W/A) - A scientific project that would benefit humanity went wrong and now, what initially was meant to give perspective, is the source of haunt and terror in the shape of monsters and a sort of mind control. Hardman's art is very good, the dialogues are strong but the story itself isn't captivating enough. 2.5 out 5

Captain Midnight - Chapter 3 - Joshua Willianson (W), Pere Pérez (A), EGO (C), Nate Piekos (L) - This story has all the good elements of the old and the future put together: the hero is from the past, the threat also has it's link to the past, but the solution of the problem (that evolved into technology) lies in the present/future. Captain Midnight is the typical example of how old creators envisioned super heroes, but he has already showed skills to prove he can survive in this time period also. Great art, a substancial plot, good development! 4 out 5

Resident Alien - The suicidal blonde - Chapter 3 - Peter Hogan (W) and Steve Parkhouse (A/L) - Resident Alien is so awesome because it deals with aliens in such a regular, common and plain life that you almost forget Harry is an extraterrestrial. Also it's very entertaining how Hogan slices the story in flashbacks (telling how Harry first got to Earth) and in the present, when Harry is the local doctor of a small town in America. Excellent experience of seeing aliens in a different perspective! 4.5 out 5

X - Chapter 2 - Duane Swierczynski (W), Eric Nguyen (A), Michelle Madsen (C) and Comicraft (L) - This is Punisher 2.0, a sadistic killer that no one can stop, that will kill everyone in his way untill he gets what he wants. What that is, no one knows yet. X is interesting for the action, as a concept it doesn't show innovative things, but the level of violence in the story is very high. The art is fantastic! 3.5 out 5

Finder - Chapter 17 - Carla Speed McNeil (W/A/L), Jenn Manley and Bill Mudron (C) - Rally difficult story this Finder, great art but it's becoming a little incomprehensible, hard to understand and keep up. 2.5 out 5

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