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Paul Chadwick's Concrete appears on the cover, and inside views another revealing episode of his favorite late-night TV show, Sky of Heads. Also inside, Mark Badger's Masque takes yet another bizarre twist, and Rich Rice's hilarious Bob the Alien (in his debut!) tries to get a date. Another "must have" issue of Dark Horse's flagship title.


Concrete's Sky of Heads: Larry's frantically completing his tax return to file before the midnight deadline. Concrete drags him away to watch the latest episode of "Sky of Heads", the TV show about the afterlife where heads eternally drift through the ether unable to do anything by briefly talk to the other heads that drift by.This weeks episode is about the value of using the time time that we have while we live.

Masque: C.I.A. Agent Sullivan is becoming concerned about her partner's sanity as they continue to pursue The Mask. She's noticed Agent Corona's attitude becoming more militant as he filters events through the prism of his past in Vietnam. In the custody of those two C.I.A. Agents, Minister Doug Denton struggles with his situation and what he's seen in the past day. Alberto Montoya reveals to Doug part of the connection between himself and the masked figure at the centre of all the chaos.

Bob the Alien: "Bob the Alien's First College Party." Bob's an exchange student from Venus. On of his pals on Earth takes him to a party but he hasn't quite gotten a handle on the lingo and human social interactions.







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