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Captain Midnight strikes! The masked avenger flies into the twenty-first century courtesy of writer Joshua Williamson (Xenoholics, Voodoo) and artist Victor Ibáñez (Rat Catcher). The thrills begin again at the stroke of midnight!

Also, the critically acclaimed Alabaster by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Steve Lieber continues in the pages of DHP!

A new creator-owned comic from Ulises Farinas! Post-apocalyptic Pokémon!

Resident Alien returns to the pages of DHP!

An all-star lineup!

Story & Chapter Titles

  • Captain Midnight: Midnight at 10000 Feet - Chapter 1
  • Finder: Third World - Chapter 16
  • Gamma - Chapter 1
  • Edgar Allan Poe's Shadow
  • Memories of the Caspian
  • Crime Does Not Pay presents: City of Roses - Chapter 3
  • Resident Alien: The Suicide Blonde - Chapter 1
  • Alabaster: Boxcar Tales - Chapter 1
  • UXB - Chapter 3
  • The Secret Order of the Teddy Bears - Chapter 1

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