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This month features The Mask, an all new tale of eerie adventure from Mike Richardson and Mark Badger! Plus another installment of Roma from John Workman and finally everyone's favorite hunk of stone- Concrete by Paul Chadwick.


Concrete: Concrete has agreed to help a man look for his lost brother who's last location was in the woods. The man's brother (Adam) is a stuntman who often takes enough fuel to fly and sleeps under the wing of his biplane. Concrete leaps from a plane into a lake after spotting some bears (which he is a little afraid of) and the crashed biplane of Adam. He finds that Adam has a fractured leg, arm and finger and takes him to the rendezvous point where they will be rescued by dawn, a word Adam keeps repeating. Suddenly, Concrete hears a scream and finds that a woman is being attacked by, you guessed it, a bear. Concrete manages to fight the bear off but get's hit in the eyes and blinded. The woman who's name is Dawn, cleans the blood from Concrete's eyes and turns out to be a friend of Adams they all head to the rendezvous point where Adam is rescued and Concrete and Dawn set off and walk to Logging Road. (Because he's too heavy to go in the plane.)

The Masque: Two men arguing in a church in Manhattan about a man named Montoya. Cut to Newark airport where a group of what are assumed F.B.I agents are tying to find Montoya, after some squabbling he is apprehended but it turns out it's the wrong man. Montoya is then spotted and is chased into a bizarre room. The Masque appears and is subsequently shot, the walls behind him start to bleed and fill up the room. One of the shooters thinks that the reason the room is filling up with blood is because they shot a priest, the other is adamant who they shot was not a priest. All of a sudden Fidel Castro appears and one of the men open fires but kills his friend. A head is then sent through the baggage carousel and a strange man asks for a taxi to Manhattan.

Sole Survivors: An Alien takes cover behind a rock and is in a Mexican stand off with another lone alien (Different species). The sun beats down on our characters making the many mouthed alien pine for it's green and blue world, as it recalls the events which led it to be in this predicament, of the attempted escape and crash of it's ship and how it is the "Sole Survivor" along with it's vertebrata enemy. The alien then hears the familiar sound of water dripping into a pool and makes a break for the water, losing a limb is a small price to pay for living as the alien loses an arm in the gun fire and drinks the sweet water it has been coveting only to meet an end befitting Jona.

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