Dark Claw

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So I don't know if you guys on the web ever approved of the Amalgam universe, but I've just been wondering was Dark Claw (wolverine + batman) just a tad bit to superhuman to really represent the true essence of someone like Batman?;in other words did the super healing and adamantium skeleton make him too O.P.

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He wasn't Batman he was Darkclaw.

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Everyone in the Amalgam universe was OP but that was the point.

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I didn't explore Batclaw much, but with Amazon Ororo and Diana were separate characters, but instead of Diana winning the tourney it was Ororo thus she held the mantle of Wonder Woman, while retaining her mutant powers

I assume Dark Claw is similar except that Wolverine stood in for Bruce in the origin story.

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Batman and Wolverine where chosen, because they where the most popular characters in either company. And it was epic, if somewhat unrealistic.

The Marvels are known for their Mutants. Take that away and they're just a bunch of freaks. (No offense)

Bruce Wayne just gave Logan a sense of humanity.

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Dark Claw was awesome. His claws and the orange in his costume were kind of lame looking though.

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