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463519 Vulshock Character Overview 06/18/14 11:50PM 5 Approved
414846 Grendel Character Overview Dark Beast did not die in X-Termination, he was take into custody and appeared in Majorie Liu's Astonishing X-Men afterwards 04/18/14 02:48PM 3 Approved
239612 X35 Character Overview 10/07/13 04:54AM 3 Approved
137172 X35 Character Overview 07/04/13 02:04AM 19 Approved
119240 MarvelMan1985 Character Overview Added a creation section 06/22/13 03:50AM 0 Approved
87149 lykopis Character Overview Put in image (none previously) 05/29/13 07:47PM 1 Approved

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