Cancelled or Continue?

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is there any word on whether this will continue? If they are launching a new Thunderbolts book will there be room for 2 "villain" books? i like the idea of Skaar being in a book and am worried he will get stuck in limbo like many great characters.

I am not looking forward to the new Thunderbolts. because although i love the characters (especially red Hulk thanks to Parker) the creative team is kind of sucky! Way is kind of meh for me and Dillon should never ever be allowed anywhere near a super hero book. the only reason i didnt mind him on preacher was because the writing was soooo good. look at the recent hulk issue he drew, it was a joke!

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@scuzz2.0: it's continuing but with no thunderbolts connection:

john walker is becoming dark captain america (ffs did they just look at his costume and go "evil cap!!!") and moonstone is becoming...not dark ms marvel... DARK CAPTAIN MARVEL (-___________________________-). idk if skaar is hanging around but the other losers are and they're being led by dark captain america.

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@X35: Thanks for the info.

why cant Moonstone just stay moonstone and john walker just be USAgent? I'm definitely glad its continuing because it is one of the best books out.

how good would F4 and FF have been with Parker instead of Fraction. that would have been awesome, its about time Marvel start showing him more respect.

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Dark Avengers #184
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@X35: i left a message on his site asking if he would be getting more work with DC and he replied "mmmmaybe" which is interesting. i hope it doesn't mean he is leaving marvel.

also, how cool is it that he answers fans.

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