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The God Of War In Action

The Story: 
Norman Osborn tells Ares to form a team and train them everything he knows and see what comes out of it. While training a group of handpicked men, Ares' mother Hera comes with a message about his son claiming he was hurt and is being held in a S.H.I.E.L.D. base. Ares believes it to be Phobos so he takes his newly formed team and heads to rescue his son. Upon arrival Ares finds out it's not Phobos whom Hera spoke of, but Kyknos, his other son. 

My Thoughts:  
The writing is done by Kieron Gillen who scripts a short three issue arc giving us a closer look into the life of the God Of War. Taking place in the middle of the Dark Reign, Ares focuses on a side mission giving to him by Norman Osborn. What's great about this is we get to see more Ares who is generally an overlooked character in my opinion. He has received more attention due to the Dark Reign but I always felt his potential has been disregarded. How could anyone not like seeing a God in action? Well that's exactly what you get here. Gillen shows us exactly why Ares is known as the God Of War and delivers a knockout ending to the story. 

This volume also contains the five issue mini-series Ares: God Of War which I will review separately. 

The art is by Manuel Garcia. It's nothing spectacular but it gets the job done. I do find it appropriate for this darker and more violent comic. The covers were incredible thanks to Billy Tan, Ed Mcguinness and Cary Nord. 

I would recommend this for fans of Ares. If you like the Gods in Marvel comics you'll enjoy this short and fun read. No previous knowledge of the character is required to understand this and enjoy it. 

Rating: 3.5/5
Posted by RoninTheFury
I never liked the old Ares.(the way he was written ect.) but when he took on a more hardcore persona, i kind of got to liking him. with the return of Zeus and Olympus, i am eager to see if Ares will also be back as well, after his brutal death at the hands of the Sentry. good overall review bro.

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