twilightthunder's Dark Avengers: Ares #1 - Dark Avengers: Ares Part 1 review

Go pick it up, it's an order!

I got excited when I read the preview for the very first issue, most of you know my taste in comics and my opinions about series spinning out of events, but there's SOMETHING about Dark Avengers Ares that's just gorgeous (as in: Look! It's your over-the-top propaganda comic! Which has ARES HIMSELF talking to the troops, George S. Patton-like, as a big-ass USA flag decorates the dang background). Kieron Gillen is carving himself a seat in the "pantheon" of "great comic book writers", with the likes of Mark Millar and Warren Ellis, which are no strangers to the pulse-pounding, widescreen action in comic books. Whose comics are best described with terms such as "it forced me to turn the page!" or "even people who aren't into comics are digging this stuff!". Well, that's pretty much Dark Avengers Ares, if you're not into the whole Dark Reign storyline at all (neither am I, but I'm digging Thunderbolts and Iron Man), then just a few clicks in some comic book-related website are going to answer the questions you might have about this mini-series. 
Well, there you go, if you dig black-ops stuff, and you're one of those people blasting your friends all over the place in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and you want something to do while you're in the bus or during lunch-break, this mini-series is for y'all. And, hey, since it'll be a 3-issue ride -which is likely to end with a thunderous bang- then fear not, readers, for it won't reach issue #500 or #600, which is what new readers, or potential comic book readers are afraid of! 
"Honor for your comrades and NO ONE ELSE!" 
P.S Go. Pick it up. Get excited and support Kieron Gillen
P.S 2 Manuel Garcia's are is tops as well.

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