themaskedhero's Dark Avengers #3 - Battleground Latveria review

Let's talk about our feelings for half an issue...

So, when I saw the previews for this issue, I noticed very quickly that it was all page after pages of Sentry and Osborn talking, character development, WOOT! I liked the fact that we can now understand why Sentry seems to follow Osborn so unquestioning, but I'm sad it took half the issue to resolve this point.

I still like the art here, it sets the mood for the whole series and unlike Cable, I hope this artist stays around for a while because it keeps me drawn in. The rest of the issue after Sentry's done being emo, (ironically talking about mental issues with Norman Osborn, the biggest nut job in the Marvel Universe) is full of witty dialogue and action. Bullseye/Hawkeye gets things done, Ares gets turned to stone (I was waiting for something like that to happen) and the team as a whole shows their true colors, they don't work well together.

And maybe other readers will not like that, but I love it in a way. Avengers teams are known for not always being the best of team players, but this team makes every other Avengers team look professional. Marvel Boy really doesn't care about anyone but himself. There doesn't seem to be a lot of worry for Ares when he's turned to stone, just the look of worry on everyone's face that it might happen to them. Venom is still the equivalent of a big hungry dog and Osborn, I think, only wants to keep Dr. Doom alive because he knows A) Dr. Dooms got some business to do in Black Panther and B) He's part of his little Cabal. So, Osborn is still a selfish jerk who thinks a step or two ahead.

All and all, the character's are growing on me, the art looks good and I hope to come back for #4. Which with any luck will come out on schedule, unlike Thunderbolts which was what I really wanted this week.
Posted by Hyperion322

I agree, what I liked best about this issue was the character development and budding "friendship" between Osborn and Sentry. Up till now I haven't been a big fan of Bob, but slowly he's grown on me in this book. I'm also pleased to see Le Fay depicted as the powerful sorceress that she is - she's a old time fav from the original Spider-Woman series.

~ Hype

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