dark_noldor's Dark Avengers #186 - Back in Black review

A Nightmare Version of our World

Alternate worlds stories can go both ways: or it's an incredible take, giving the readers every possible option that we would like to see, but can never happen in the current "Earth" or it can be just an incredible fail. Well, after four issues of Parker's new alternate world adventure with the Dark Avengers, it's safe to say that this story is a little bit of both. While shows some very interesting takes of characters such as Ben Grimm and Susan Richards, it's a complete failure in the subject of binging new elements to the table, there aren't new concepts or interesting points in this arc story anymore. When thing were starting to get better, it all sums up with the announcement of a flood, like a biblical event. While some characters really showed improvement, like US Agent, I really disliked how Parker managed the pace of this issue, wasting time with boring and tiresome conversations between the Dark Avengers (June, Barton and Apaec). In the art deparment Pierfederici really rocked and when Edwards stepped in for him, things got pretty ugly: it was sloppy, blurry, "art" in a hurry, so this issue wasn't top notch, not at all.


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