dark_noldor's Dark Avengers #185 - How Did I Get Here? review

What happened to the Central Park?

Now that Marvel has a brand new Thunderbolts series (which I'm not following), Parker's Thunderbolts were renamed the Dark Avengers, and after a weak arc story involving the introduction of this team, facing the threat of the Sharzhad nation, Parker is back with his intelligent, funny and interesting narrative, pitching our "heroes" in a new, dark and crazy New York that's been divided into feuds among the remaining heroes. The concept of hero going against hero isn't new, but it has proved to be effective so far in this arc story. To be honest I was a little disapointed with this title lately and the notion of another extra dimensional adventure just so close after the incredible voyage the new Thunderbolts (Hyde, Moonstone, Boomerang etc) took throught time, really let me down, but this issue things picked up a different pace, especially because Parker conducted very well the interactions between the characters. Seeing Reed trying to discover the bigger picture, while Stark, Grim and Doctor Strange go after their jugulars was quite entertaining and the dialogues between Pym and Toxic were great too. Also Parker reserved a few surprises in this issue that were very good too. Neil Edwards did a consistent job in this issue, I still prefer Declan Shalvey's style for this kind of book, but Edwards was just fine.


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