johnkmccubbin91's Dark Avengers #180 - Change Is Good review

Good Art

I have hated this series so far. I have never been a huge fan of the Thunderbolts but I loved the Dark Avengers series and this is just a cheap imitation combined with Thunderbolts and is actually dragging them down with it. On a positive not at least it now has a good artist in the for of Neil Edwards. It really helps this series which need all the help it can get.

This issue we see the civilisation of the future dealing with replacing the Cage clone (clone of Luke Cage's grandson) and are surprised when he walks through the door. In the present Luke Cage is trying to save Skaar (who can't Hulk up) from Magus. Also in the future the Thunderbolts are still struggling and trying to get back to the present. Whilst everything else is happening the Dark Avengers are fighting with Magus' people and find what they've been looking for.

As you could probably tell from my introduction I am by far a fan of this series. I will say about this issue I really liked the art which actually made the comic a lot more appealing. I also liked how everything is piecing together and everything has a purpose. I however still don't like how the future clone of Cage's grandson looks like a cross between Punisher, Iron Man and Judge Dredd. They even did a thing similar to Dredd where they said he doesn't like removing his helmet.

Final verdict. I would still even though it is making slight improvements not buy this series. It just feels like it's trying to be a lot more than it actually is and to myself as a reader it is very disappointing series.

Rating: 3/5


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