johnkmccubbin91's Dark Avengers #179 - Gods & Monsters review


I have not really been into this series from the start. I liked the odd time I read Thunderbolts and I loved Bendis' Dark Avengers but I really don't like this. It doesn't really have the feel of either (and it's trying to have both). I am also not loving the art, it isn't the worst I've seen but it is by far not the best.

This issue we see Skaar and Luke Cage chasing down the fleeing Dark Avengers. Elsewhere we see the Thunderbolts struggling in a distant future with a ally in Man-Thing, in the presence of "Judge" (as he looks like a cross of Judge Dredd and Iron Man to me) Cage a future clone descendant of Cage. They are also trying to find out what the goverment have been up too and crucially still trying to get back to there time period.

Final verdict. The only reason I am still reading this is to see the eventual showdown between the Dark Avengers and Thunderbolts. I didn't like the cover although decent art it spoils the end of the issue. Unless you are a very big Thunderbolts fan and need to see how they are doing, I'd avoid this series until either the showdown between the two teams or it eventually goes back to Thunderbolts (if it does, which I hope)

Rating: 3/5


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