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This issue marks the second to last issue of this great series by Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr. This issue takes place during and right after the events of Siege: Cabal. In the beginning we see Norman and Doom having a falling out, and Doom sends his lil' Doom bots to the Avengers Tower to kill the (Dark) Avengers. While thats going on Hawkeye(Bullseye) takes Lindy Reynolds onto a helicopter by his self during all the destruction. Then he does something very evil. and on the orders of Norman Osborn his self. Hawkeye chokes Lindy to death. What a awesome scene. Hawkeye is one bloody dude. After strangling Lindy to death Hawkeye tosses her into the ocean. After Sentry has taken care of all the Doom bots and the threat is clear everyone returns to the Avengers Tower, and Hawkeye tells Sentry that Lindy killed her self by jumping out of the helicopter. Sentry goes berserk and almost kills Hawkeye until Osborn calms Bob down. And thats pretty much it for this comic. We do get to see Victoria Hand start to realize that Osborn is a piece of shit. Just check out the last panel of this comic. Overall i really enjoyed reading this issue and i hate to see this series end with the next issue. But i'm sure the last issue will end this series in style. So i recommend getting this issue. Go get it.
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