scylla's Dark Avengers #15 - Bullseye review

The Bull and the Eye

Just read it and have to say I expected a bit more from this one since next issue is the conclusion of the series.Like always, Hawkeye/Bullseye brought his usual form.Murdered with cold blood Lindsay Reynolds, Bob's wife and throw him out from the jet to the ocean than returned back and reported as a suicide.Of course this pissed lil' Bob up and tried to kill Bullseye,lucky for him, Norman Osborn stopped him than Bob flew away to search for the cadaver of his wife.The last part or page was really nicely done. Bullseye kneeling while Norman goes there, helps him out and they make an eye contact while Bullseye had a smirk in his face. VIctoria Hand was watching it and she put together the puzzle in no time.
About the beginning of this issue.Well it was quite impressing.The Cabal with Norman in lead was sitting at the table. Dr.Doom told Norman that he won't kill him but he won't join his team either he would rather die,then the Void appeared and nicely took out Doom.It was revealed that he was Norman's secret weapon he talked about.Doom's fate remained unknown.
As a fan of the series I'm impressed but as I told I expected a little bit more from it.
 Overall I give this issue a 3 out of 5.

Posted by spacemonkeymafia

i did like how cold hearted bullseye was. it's cool bendis is tying some ends up, though, before the series ends.

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    This issue marks the second to last issue of this great series by Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr. This issue takes place during and right after the events of Siege: Cabal. In the beginning we see Norman and Doom having a falling out, and Doom sends his lil' Doom bots to the Avengers Tower to kill the (Dark) Avengers. While thats going on Hawkeye(Bullseye) takes Lindy Reynolds onto a helicopter by his self during all the destruction. Then he does something very evil. and on the orders of Norman...

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    "What the hell is that?!" 0

    What you need to know: Dark Avengers #15 continues the pre-Siege action. Yes, the banner is still a bit misleading. We get the official confirmation for Norman's secret weapon in case you were hoping for a last-minute swerve. We also continue the Sentry's story which means that the solicit about Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye was untrue.The Good: - Mike Deodato. Another stellar issue. Secret Avengers is really meant for him. I'm looking forward to it.- Hawkeye's a jerk, but I like that. I'm glad that so...

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