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     If you're debating on whether or not to buy this issue for the Siege banner then let me help you resolve that: There's nothing directly relevant to the event. That may change for the next issue, but this arc has to do with why the Sentry/Void obeys Norman Osborn.      As far as the Sentry/Void goes, I'm happy to say that there's no more Biblical teases. Robert Reynolds is a ret-con heavy character, but I'm glad that it's toned down here by not making him from the Bible Age. This feels a b...

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Issue 14 in this great series by Bendis and Deodato. In this we see Victoria Hand talk Norman Osborn into seeing a psychotherapist. Victoria Hand also takes out Ms.Marvel(Moonstone). That was pretty awesome. Victoria has become somewhat of a bad ass since the start of this series. But the best part of this issue is when the Sentry goes berserk and starts destroying New York City. Wow! Norman confronts Sentry and talks him down before he does too much damage. And Norman finds out that the cause o...

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